Outsource your team to South Africa

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South Africa is the world’s leading destination for outsourced business processes. With its large, well-educated workforce and focus on customer experience, the country ranks as one of the most popular locations for offshore customer service and support deployments. Because of this, hundreds of American, European and British companies and global giants have seized on South Africa’s potential, opening stores for their customer service activities.

South Africa is one of the fastest growing outsourcing centres for business services in the world and has experienced high growth in recent years. Many international companies have delegated and expanded their business functions to business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the country.

In recent years South Africa has become a popular outsourcing destination and a real competitor to offshore solutions – overtaking the traditional countries like India and the Philippines. More and more companies are discovering the country’s unique assets and value, and if you want to build an offshore HR team, this is certainly a place to explore.

Choose an outsourcing firm that will meet your needs.

If you own a company, your market may span from one state to an entire country, so it’s important to make the right decision when choosing a company to outsource your business to. You need to consider what the BPO offers and which services your business needs.

Talent Sam provides professional services to support companies in different countries with all outsourcing requirements. With the rise of more types of services, outsourcing in general has grown in popularity as companies seek to improve performance while reducing operating costs.

Outsourcing is basically a professional strategy to a leading company to provide high quality and quality assured results for their services. In short, when a resource or organisation is hired to deliver great results at low cost and in the shortest possible time, it becomes a valuable partner to the company.

Examples of services to outsource include: customer service, technical support, recruitment, virtual assistant and more.

Talent Sam has helped many multinational companies build dedicated teams in South Africa. Our team will take care of recruitment, setup, training and all ongoing legalities, payroll and tax. We’re here to guide and be your partner through the whole process.

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