Our Services

Talent Sam provides international companies with a convenient and cost-effective way to build high quality, compliant and scalable teams in South Africa. We take care of your team building process, start to finish.

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Recruitment and Screening

We will find and screen potential candidates and place the most suitable candidate for this position. 


In certain cases, we will ask the candidate to complete an assessment or task.


Our team will prepare all employment contracts and documents for the new employee. Talent Sam will act as the Employer of Record (EOR) and handle all compliance on your behalf.

Payroll and Tax

Talent Sam will be responsible for all payroll, deductions, contributions, and compliance on behalf of the new employee. We will also take care of all employee queries.

Employee Setup

Our team will set up your team with office space, computers, VOIP, and remote connectivity. 

Ongoing Management

Talent Sam will help with managing your team. From tech and IT support, leave, upskilling etc.

Our mission is to make building a remote team easy, seamless, and cost effective. If you have something else in mind – please feel free to contact us.