Why South Africa?

Business process outsourcing, BPO, is the process of outsourcing work to an offshore country. Over the years, South Africa has grown into a global hub for BPO.

In 2021, Ryan Strategy Consulting ranked South Africa as the world’s favored BPO destination. Go beyond the traditionally famous BPO locations Philippines and India.

Large Labor Force

South Africa has a population of over 55 million. Lots of young, energetic, well-trained citizens are perfect for your team.

Cheap and Affordable

With internationally favorable exchange rates – especially against the US dollar, euro and pound – companies can save between 30% and 60%.

Highly Quality Talent

South Africa also has a large number of high-quality talents. Many are often unable to find work and are overqualified in their current roles.

Native English

Unlike many other BPO countries, South Africans speak English and our accent is very neutral and easy to understand. There are many others, such as Spanish, French, and Mandalin.

Strong Tech Infrastructure

We are connected via a domestic fiber optic network and have direct connections to the US and Europe.

Suitable Timezone

South Africa’s time zone is GMT+2, which overlaps with many time zones around the world, making it an ideal location for 24/7 teams.

How we handle problems

Power outages: Many people are familiar with the electricity situation in South Africa. This is not our concern. All our offices are equipped with backup generators and uninterrupted internet. Laptop and internet backup for those who work remotely.

Theft: The risk of theft is always on your mind. All work is cloud-based and does not depend on physical devices. All devices are encrypted and can be managed and wiped remotely.